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Countertop Combination Cooking Units

Make the most of cramped quarters in your kitchen without compromising quality or selection. Countertop combination cooking Units are the hottest space-saving way to add cooking options to any countertop. Burkett has you covered no matter what combination of char-broilers, griddles, hot plates, or cheesemelters you need. With top brands like Comstock-Castle, no matter which configuration you select, you can trust that your countertop combination cooking units will help your chefs work shine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Countertop Combination Cooking Units

Do I need a hood with these units?

Yes. These units require proper ventilation unless the application specifies ventless. Burkett offers a variety of ventless cooking equipment options.

What size & configuration should I get?

That would depend on your establishment, needs, and location. Call your account representative at 1-800-828-8564 or chat online live now, or email [email protected] to figure out exactly what you need for your establishment.

Which is better, radiant or lava rock?

That depends on your application and use. Lava rock charbroilers use ceramic stones, these rocks can hold flavors of the food you cook and can transfer it to other foods sometimes yielding better taste. However lava rock models require more cleaning than their counterpart. Radiant charbroilers use metal or cast iron radiants that evenly distribute heat generated by the burner and can be easier to clean since the radiants angle oil and grease away from the burner.

Should I use electric or gas?

Electric models aren't as common as gas but they can get the job done just the same. Whether you're looking to go green or just save some extra money on your gas bill, an electric charbroiler could be the right choice for your establishment.