Charbroiler Griddle Combos

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Charbroiler & griddle combo units give your kitchen multiple cooking methods all under the same footprint!

These cooking units combine two of the most prevalent cooking equipment found in commercial kitchens, a commercial charbroiler and a commercial griddle.

With one of these awesome units, you can cook all of your breakfast and lunch items in one station. Pair one of these combination units with your commercial oven or commercial range, and your kitchen is ready to roll.

The griddle can handle eggs, pancakes, and hash browns, while the charbroiler side can handle your sausage, ham, or English muffins. Not only can you cook breakfast on one of these units, but also lunch and dinner can be handled in this one unit. These models come in a wide range of sizes for both the griddle and charbroiler.

Commercial Griddle

For cooking anything from eggs and hash browns to steaks and hamburgers, griddles offer a flat top surface. A commercial griddle is a need whether you own a steakhouse or a breakfast shop.

Most plates are composed of steel, although some are also chrome plated. The griddle tops have a thickness that varies from 3/8" to 1". Although the thicker tops take longer to heat up, they can maintain constant temperatures for a longer period of time while cooking larger quantities. Though more expensive, thicker griddle plates are less likely to warp over time.

For individual units, check out our collection of commercial griddles.

Commercial Charbroiler

There are many types of charbroilers available. Some people favor conventional radiant heat burners because they are less prone to flare-ups and the heat is easier to control. Users of lava rocks appreciate the consistent, uniform heat that pumice stones offer. Traditionalists choose models that use wood or charcoal because they can give grilled foods the unique smokey flavor that only comes from hot coals.

Gas charbroilers have burners positioned beneath radiants, which are angled to focus the heat up on the grate and the food. Grease and drippings are directed away from the fire and into the drip pan due to their tilted shape.

For individual units, check out our collection of commercial charbroilers.

Temperature Control

These charbroiler griddle combo cooking units come in either manual or thermostatic controls. Heating controls are separate for the griddle and the char broiler. This allows you to cook multiple items at once with different temperatures, giving your kitchen more versatility.


Many units are constructed out of stainless steel to ensure they are easy to clean regularly and provide long term durability. Griddle tops come in either stainless steel tops or chrome tops. Both of which are easy to use and clean.

Char-broiler grill plates are commonly built of cast iron, while there are also units built using stainless steel rods.

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