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Countertop ranges combine the powers of 3 cooking methods into one compact footprint.

Griddle/charbroiler/hot plate combination cooking units are easily one of the most versatile grills available. They are able to cook meats, eggs, potatoes, and vegetables, while boiling noodles or heating up soups for any style of order your customers can throw at you.

These units are the most affordable way to have multiple types of equipment in one area without sacrificing space. Give your kitchen the versatility of three cooktops within one single footprint.

Coming in multiple styles and sizes, these cooking units feature a commercial griddle, commercial charbroiler, and commercial hot plate.

Commercial Griddles

Griddles provide a level top surface for cooking anything from eggs and bacon to sirloin and burgers. Whether you run a café, steakhouse, or concession stand, you need a commercial griddle.

The thickness of the griddle tops ranges from 3/8" to 1". Even though thicker tops take longer to heat up, they may hold temperatures steady for longer when cooking bigger portions. Thick griddle plates are more expensive, but they are less likely to distort over time. The griddle portion is available in chrome tops or steel tops and are great for anything from breakfast to dinner items.

Commercial Charbroilers

The equipped commercial charbroiler feature brings your kitchen that outdoors grill taste to the inside. These grills can handle cooking anything from steaks to fish to vegetables.

Char broilers are durable and versatile pieces of commercial cooking equipment. Often referred to as commercial grills, these units are capable of cooking foods from breakfast through dessert.

Heat is absorbed and distributed evenly above the burners with the use of metal radiants or pieces of stone. Steel or cast iron are the materials used to make metal radiants. Cast iron radiant grills can take a while to heat up, but once they do, they hold the heat very well and cook food quickly. Although steel radiants are less difficult to keep clean, they don't hold the heat as well.

Commercial Hot Plates

When a smaller kitchen needs an extra burner to keep a pot warm or to sauté an extra filet or two during dinner rush, commercial hot plates can be a fantastic option. Without your chefs needing to move, they can grill a steak on the charbroiler, cook an egg on the griddle, and warm up some gravy on the hot plate. Hot plates are available in either 2 or 4 configurations.


These combination cooktops come in variety of sizes to fit in any commercial kitchen. Starting around 48" wide, sizes max out around 72". These sizes allow for countertop placement. Just be sure you have the proper connections.

Griddle and grill surface areas, as well as burner quantities are configurable to match any desired size you need. Understand that these are built to be compact units, so with a larger sized section, the other two section sizes will decrease to keep the overall footprint satisfactory.


Normally each cooking method will have its own grease trays to catch debris. This makes clean up easy. When you're not using one section, you won't have to clean that section.

With grease troughs and trays included in most, if not all of these units, cleaning up after a day of cooking can be easy and confined to one station. Also, since these combination units are constructed of stainless steel, they are sure to last for years to come.

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