Griddle Cheese Melter Combos

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Combine the powers of a commercial griddle with the finishing expertise of a commercial cheese melter!

Griddle and cheese melter combination cooktops are great for any kitchen that is lacking on additional space. These units combine a commercial griddle and commercial cheese melter into one compact footprint. You can easy grill items on top, then put them in the cheese melter for a minute to finish them off before service.

Commercial Griddle

Griddles are very versatile since they can effectively grill meats, veggies, eggs, and other items. For cooking anything from eggs and hash browns to steaks and hamburgers, griddles offer a flat top surface great for all-day cooking. A commercial griddle is a need whether you own a steakhouse or a restaurant serving breakfast. Of course, if you are producing large quantities quickly for a large number of consumers, you may wish to consider full-size floor models.

Temperature controllers for commercial griddles come in thermostatic and manual versions. Manual controls offer a more general heating temperature but are less expensive. Although more expensive, thermostatic controls offer more precise temperature control.

Commercial griddle plates come in a multiple material. Choose between chrome tops and polished steel tops. Chrome tops are popular because they make cooking more delicate items easier.

We have a wide selection of individual countertop commercial griddles here .

Commercial Cheese Melter

These appliances are amazing for melting cheese and finishing dishes, but they cannot fully cook foods. For cafes, restaurants, bars, concession stands, or any other business where cheese-topped goods are served, commercial cheese melters are a fantastic asset.

The cheese melter feature is excellent for adding a brown finish to casseroles, melting some cheese on to hash browns, or even just keeping some sandwiches hot until they are served.

Operators can swiftly and powerfully heat the top layer of things without further cooking the interior by using heating elements in cheese melters that focus downward so that they just gently cook the top of goods.

Direct heat comes from a burner or element that is positioned on top. Operators are able to quickly and vigorously heat the food's top layer without further frying the interior because of this.

Check out our collection of commercial cheese melters in case you need a full-size model.


Most of the units are constructed out of stainless steel to ensure long term durability. Stainless steel construction ensures that these units are easy for kitchen staff to keep up on cleaning and maintaining regularly. Griddle tops come in either stainless steel tops or chrome tops. Both of which are easy to use and clean. Removable drip trays catch grease and keep cheese melters free of debris.

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