Hot Plate Griddle Combos

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Combine the powers of a commercial hot plate and griddle under one compact footprint with these countertop cooktops!

Hot plate / griddle combo cooking units are a great way to cook soups, chilis and stocks while also grilling burgers or chicken on the same platform. Able to cook an entire 3 dish meal in one area, these units save you more time and energy than almost any other piece of equipment you can buy.

Combining the abilities of commercial hot plates and a commercial griddle, these units can be your main cooking unit in smaller kitchens. You can effectively run a concession stand or food truck using one of these units as your main cooktop. Hot plates come in either 2 or 4 burner configurations.

Each cooktop has separate temperature controls to allow users to set temperatures according to what they're cooking. Built from stainless steel, these units are durable and can be easy to maintain for kitchen staff.

Commercial Griddles

For cooking anything from eggs and bacon to steak and hamburgers, griddles offer a level top surface. The griddle tops have a thickness that varies from 3/8" to 1". Thicker tops may retain temperatures for longer when cooking larger servings but taking longer to heat up. The griddle part is perfect for anything from breakfast to dinner and comes with either a steel or a chrome top.

We have a wide variety of individual commercial griddles as well.

Commercial Hot Plates

A hot plate is a tabletop cooktop that has one or more electric or gas heating elements. It is compact and self-sufficient. Although a hot plate is capable of being used alone, it is usually used to replace one of the burners of a kitchen stove or oven range. For cooking tasks when a full kitchen range would not be possible or handy, hot plates are frequently utilized.

A hot plate's portability and small size make it ideal for food trucks, kiosks, and concession stands. Despite their smaller size, commercial hot plates can produce quality that is on par with a full-sized commercial range.

For more hot plates, check out our collection of electric or gas hot plates, as well as step-up hot plates.

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