Hot Plate Griddle Cheese Melter Combos

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Combining three cooking methods under a single footprint will help cut down on your chef's steps.

Hot plate / griddle / cheese melter combo cooking units give you everything you need to make your breakfasts, appetizers, or full meals in one footprint. In one unit, you can upgrade your commercial kitchen significantly. Your chefs can do all of their cooking in one simple and convenient location.

These units are available in multiple sizes of widths, griddle areas, and broiler areas. The commercial griddles provide chefs with a clean flat top surface for cooking anything from steaks to veggies. The cheese melter piece of these units are ideal for finishing off your dishes or keeping items hot until service. Hot plates provide you with a couple of open burners that can cook soups or reheat sauces.

Constructed from stainless steel, these units are designed to last for years and be easy for kitchen staff to maintain.

Commercial Griddle

Because they can successfully cook meats, vegetables, eggs, and other products, griddles are incredibly adaptable. Thermostatic and manual versions of temperature controllers are available for commercial griddles. Although less expensive, manual controls provide a more universal heating temperature. Thermostatic controls provide more exact temperature control, although they are more expensive.

Griddle cooktops are ideal for cooking any and all meals, from breakfast to dinner. A variety of materials are used to make commercial griddle plates. Choose between polished steel or chrome tops.

For individual models, check out commercial griddles here.

Commercial Hot Plates

A tabletop cooktop with one or more electric or gas heating components is called a hot plate. A hot plate can be used on its own, but it's more frequently utilized to take the place of one of the burners on a kitchen stove or oven range. Hot plates are frequently used for cooking operations when a full kitchen range would not be practical or possible.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they frequently have added features to make them simpler to operate in a busy kitchen. They are strong, simple to clean, and available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit the requirements of any organization.

For individual commercial hot plates, view these electric, gas hot plates, and step-up hot plates.

Commercial Cheese Melter

The cheese melter function is ideal for providing casseroles a brown finish, adding cheese to hash browns, or even just keeping some sandwiches warm until they are served. By using heating elements in cheese melters that focus downward to only softly cook the top of products, operators can quickly and effectively heat the top layer of goods without further cooking the interior.

An on-top burner or heating element provides direct heat. Operators can swiftly and fiercely heat the top layer of the meal without further frying the interior.

For full-size models check out our collection of commercial cheese melters.

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