Countertop Pizza Ovens

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Bake hot, fresh pizzas anywhere with one of these compact, countertop pizza deck ovens!

Countertop pizza deck ovens are warming and baking ovens that can handle pizzas and more, while taking up little space in your kitchen. A countertop pizza oven is an excellent option for restaurants that want more cooking options but don't have a lot of extra room to spare.

Large single pizza pies, multiple smaller pizzas, sheets of cookies, and much more can all be baked in a countertop pizza oven. A countertop pizza oven will provide versatility to your commercial kitchen and menu.

Gas or Electric

Choose between electric deck ovens and gas deck ovens. The majority of our countertop pizza ovens are electric, meaning you can put them anywhere you have an outlet and proper electrical connection. We do offer several countertop pizza ovens that are gas-powered.

Modern and easier to use than a gas oven, an electric oven is usually a more expensive utility. Electric pizza ovens can give each product a uniform taste, so they may not work as well for specialized crusts, types, and flavors.

Gas deck ovens can provide you with more powerful cooking. However, gas models require the proper gas lines and gas hose connections. This makes them much harder to transport and use in different locations than electric.


These units are designed compact so that they can sit atop countertops. There are some of these light duty pizza ovens that are small enough to place on top of other equipment as well. Because of their compact size, countertop pizza ovens allow for storage space underneath for utensils, ingredients, and other supplies.

Compact pizza deck ovens come available in a range of widths starting around 13" and reaching as wide as 40". The standard depth of these pizza ovens is normally around 20" - 21" deep.

Deck Quantity

Deck quantities, just like equipment size, ranges to offer many options. For low volume pizza baking, a single deck oven is perfect. These units can hold 1 large pizza at a time, or multiple small personal pizzas. These small and compact units are great for office kitchens, concession stands, food trucks, and other small establishments.

For higher production levels, look for double or even triple deck countertop ovens. Still compact in size and footprint, multi-deck ovens are great for increasing your pizza producing capacities. Adding additional decks will increase the space taken up by your pizza oven, however, it will also increase production under the same footprint.

Check out pizza merchandisers, buffet warming shelves, and bar and strip heaters to properly serve your fresh, hot 'za.

Frequently Asked Questions About Countertop Deck Ovens

What can you cook in a countertop deck oven?

Deck ovens give chefs control over temperature and airflow allowing them to consider expanding their menus. These units are great for cooking a vast majority of appetizers and fair foods.

Deck ovens are of course ideal for pizzas, but they can also cook a multitude of other foods. Light duty deck ovens are perfect for baking soft pretzels, cookies, quesadillas, fish sticks, hot sandwiches, and many other items.

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