Commercial Chrome Top Griddles

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Give your kitchen an efficient grill with a sleek look thanks to chrome top griddles.

While many different types of griddles can offer the same outcome, choosing the ideal one for your needs carefully can help your business increase production, cut down on expenses, and create delicious menu items! Commercial chrome top griddles are excellent for cooking steaks, eggs, hamburgers, or any other food you would normally prepare on a grill surface.

Numerous foodservice kitchens use restaurant griddles to prepare products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Flat-top griddles are used everywhere from little concession booths to upscale steakhouses because they can quickly and consistently cook a wide variety of dishes.

Chrome Top Advantages

Chrome cooktops are simple to clean and feature an easy-release surface that is better suited for delicate items, like eggs, than traditional griddle tops. The qualities of the material allow the chrome surface of the griddle to naturally regain heat quickly.

Compared to stainless steel griddles, chrome griddles are simpler to clean. While the griddle's surface is still hot, the chrome plate should be cleaned. Any food that gets stuck will easily scrape cleanly off. However, typically chrome-plated models are more expensive than stainless steel models.


Chrome top grills are available normally in 12" increments. Our lineup ranges from 24" to 72" wide. The griddle's wide surface area allows for maximum cooking efficiency on any kitchen line.

Plate depths also range although in a smaller range. They range between 27" deep and 36" deep. With a variety in size and connection, we are sure you can find a great chrome top griddle to make your kitchen's production better.

Gas or Electric?

Chrome top griddles are available in both electric and gas models. Gas griddles require your kitchen to have the proper gas line connections. Most gas griddles are field convertible, meaning they can easily transfer over from natural to liquid propane with ease.

Electric models can be easily transported and used in most locations thanks to their simple electrical connections.

We also have stainless steel cooktops for commercial griddles. Choose between commercial electric griddles and commercial gas griddles

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