Commercial Gas Griddles

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Grill up foods in a flash with a compact yet powerful commercial gas griddle!

Gas griddles may be preferred in areas where gas utilities are cheaper than electric. Because the burners on a gas countertop griddle are situated immediately beneath the plate, it heats up and cools down faster than an electric version.

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminized steel, these commercial griddles are durable and sure to last for years to come. Polished steel cooktops are great for any cooking applications. For a different cooktop, check out commercial chrome top griddles.

Steel grill plates are normally stronger than chrome plates and cast iron plates. Although they are not as easy to clean as chrome tops, polished steel grill plates make cleaning up in between foods easy. Check out our collection of grill scrapers, griddle screeens, and grill brushes.

Cooktop Surface Sizing

Our selection of gas griddles offer many different features and configurations. Cooking surface areas are the biggest differences between these gas griddles. Widths range between 12" and 72". With such a wide collection of sizes, you can find a unit to fit your available kitchen space. You can get a smaller model that measures 12" x 21" or go for the biggest model we have at 72" x 24".

The size of your griddle is dependent upon how much cooking your griddle will be doing at any time. For high-volume establishments, we recommend purchasing a larger model to ensure high production numbers. There are even floor model griddles for the highest volume kitchens. Standard, medium, and heavy-duty cooking equipment are available to meet your low and high volume cooking requirements.

Temperature Control

You may also select a commercial gas griddle based on the type of control it has.

  • Models with thermostatic controls let you to set the temperature to a precise level, which is ideal for delicate foods like eggs and pancakes.
  • The manual controls on our other models are set to a general high, medium, or low temperature level.

Check out commercial electric griddles for an additional option that may be a cheaper utility depending on your area.

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