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Gyro Machines

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One of Greece’s signature dishes, a gyro is a sandwich consisting of shaved meat, vegetables and sauce in flat bread. The meat (usually beef or lamb but sometimes chicken or pork) is roasted on a special gyro machine, or gyro grill, that has a vertical spit that is slowly turned, exposing the meat to the backside burners. Once fully cooked, the gyro machine also acts as a warmer to hold the meat in place so portions can be shaved off on demand. One of the main components of a gyro machine, and the most important to consider when selecting a unit, is the steel rod, or spit. The spit is what actually holds the roasting meat in place, so it has to be strong enough to support the meat. Check the weight capacity of the grill to make sure the spit is long enough and strong enough to hold the amount of meat you intend to roast at one time.

Gyro machines are also sometimes called vertical broilers and can be used to cook meat for much more than just gyros. They use either electric or gas burners to cook the meat using radiant heat, so make sure that you have either an incoming gas line or the correct type of outlet near where you plan to install the unit. You will also want to check the overall dimensions of the gyro machine to make sure that you have enough countertop space for the machine to sit on and for you to be able to load and slice the meat.

What is a Gyro machine?

A Gyro machine, also known as a vertical broiler, broils meats on a rotating spit, cooking vertically, and is used to produce meat for gyro sandwiches and platters. Gyro meat is usually a meat product consisting of a flavorful beef and lamb combination, or sometimes chicken. Gyro wraps are made with this meat, usually with lettuce, tomato and onion, and topped with a creamy sauce known as tzatziki.

What kinds of Gyro machines are there?

Gyro machines are available in either electric or gas designs. Generally, gas models use actual flames to cook the meat whereas electric models use a heating coil, much similar to a toaster. Each establishment is different based on the amount of gyors served and how often the machine would be used.

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