Step-Up Gas Hot Plates

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Step up your kitchen's cooking capabilities with an extra couple of high quality commercial hot plates!

Step-up gas hot plates help you organize your kitchen in ways no other products can. Gas stove tops are excellent for small kitchens like concession stands and coffee shops. A step up hot plate is a great alternative to a full commercial range. Although the power levels may be slightly less, the space saving feature makes these units very versatile.

Many of these gas stove tops are field convertible, which means that depending on your needs, they may be converted to either natural gas or propane in your facility. Choose the amount of total BTUs necessary for the type of cooking that you do. Ensure you have the proper gas hoses and gas connection accessories resources when making a purchase.

Most units have full-length bottom-mounted grease trays that are easy to clean and continuous pilot lights that enable fast ignition. You can be certain that a countertop gas range you purchase will be capable of withstanding heavy use in your company because to its sturdy metal legs and knobs.

Step-Up Design

The step up design means these burners are arranged in two rows, making the rear row more accessible for easy sliding on and off of pots and pans. This is excellent in busy kitchens when you need an extra couple of burners to help production keep up. The step up design helps cutdown on accidents or spills because your pans sit at different heights.

Sizing & Burner Quantity

These hot plates come in a variety of sizes and burner quantities. We offer double burner models that give you one burner in front and one burner in back raised up for easier access. Larger models can offer you as much as 4 burners on the bottom shelf and 4 identical burners on the top shelf. Hot plates of this larger size are good substitutes for kitchens that may not have a full size commercial range or grill.

Widths are typically built in 12" increments. Starting at 12", we offer commercial hot plates that range up to 48". Burner quantities range from 2-burner units up to 8-burner units.

Burkett also offers other designs of gas hot plates, as well as electric hot plates. Ensure you have the right cookware here.

With top manufacturers like Vulcan and Southbend, these gas cooktops are sure to provide you with the highest quality cooking and last for years.

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