Commercial Deep Fryers come with many features such as alarms, ventilation systems, oil filters, or automatic basket removal to prevent food from overcooking. Some commercial fryers have a "cold zone" at the bottom of the fry pot. This is where larger food particles sink and the lower temperature keeps them from burning and tainting the oil. A tube-style fry pot has a large cold zone because the tubes are slightly above the bottom of the vat. A tube-style fry pot is more difficult to clean than an open fry pot, but the tubes allow easy access to the heat source. Whatever the frying need, Burkett has you covered!

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What types of Fryers are there?

Fryers are an important part of the kitchen, and numerous choices are available for selection. Gas or electric models are available depending on your requirements. Different heating power for each type allows you to further match your needs. Higher BTU or wattage means quick heat up time, and minimizes temperature drops between batches, but can expedite oil degradation.

What designs are available?

Fryers are available in countertop models for versatile use and placement in your kitchen. Powerful free-standing models can provide larger amounts of fried foods quickly. Fryers can have a single pot that provides cooking space for one fry basket, or two pots for deep frying two baskets at a time, providing you with the right amount cooking ability to meet demands.