Commercial Outdoor Grills

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Nothing tastes better after a day of outdoor activities than some fresh-from-the-grill barbecue thanks to a commercial outdoor grill.

In order to satisfy the cravings of their adventurous customers, foodservice establishments and catering companies in tourist and outdoorsy locations should always have an outdoor grill on hand. Any of these outdoor portable grills can cook food items to order right in front of the customer. This can help with attracting and entertaining customers while also getting the attention of each of their five senses. You can transport your grill from one place to another with ease thanks to our assortment of portable outdoor grills.


Our commercial portable grills are constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel so they can outlast the elements of outdoor life. With unibody designs, these units are lightweight with added strength. Most of our commercial outdoor grills come with covers to keep your new grill looking and functioning great after inclement weather.


Our commercial outdoor grills range from small BBQ grills measuring 30” wide, all the way up to large grills measuring 72” wide. Full size grills offer you a pair of cooking surfaces, often with more than just a typical grilling surface.


Full-sized grills come with multiple cooking surfaces. Choose from outdoor grills with either a 36" commercial griddle or 36" commercial charbroiler.


One problem with large commercial grills is that they are heavy, and thus not often moved from their designated spot outside. You won't have to worry about becoming exhausted from transporting heavy equipment with one of these great grills. Each of our units comes with casters to make moving your barbecue a breeze. The casters allow you to easily move your equipment indoors while not in use, extending the life of your purchase. Side handles also help with transporting the grill, giving users a secure area to hold.

Burkett offers outdoor grilling products from prominent brands like Magikitch'n and Crown Verity.

Commercial Outdoor Grill Resources

Be sure that you have the appropriate gas connections when picking out a commercial outdoor grill. Burkett has a great selection of gas hose connectors and connection accessories to help make installation easy.

For catering companies that need to fill out their cooking equipment lineup, check out our catering equipment and supplies page.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Outdoor Grills

How do you clean a commercial outdoor grill?

It is important to clean your outdoor grill after each use. The level of cleaning may depend upon how much cooking you've done. No matter how deep you're cleaning your outdoor grill, there are a few supplies that are easily used in between uses. Grill scrapers, grill brushes, and grill bricks are inexpensive, yet necessary grilling supplies. Some options are even NSF Listed, ensuring your commercial grill is easy to clean and maintain.