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Portable Grills

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Nothing tastes better after a day of hiking, spelunking or surfing than some fresh-from-the-grill barbecue. In order to satisfy the cravings of their adventurous customers, foodservice establishments in tourist and outdoorsy locations usually have a few pieces of outdoor BBQ equipment on hand.

All outdoor barbecue equipment is constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel so it can face the rigors of outdoor life. Most models come with or have covers available to maintain proper heat while cooking and provide easy access to the food.

Establishments that want to serve breakfast items will need a unit with flat griddle plates to prepare several eggs, pancakes and other breakfast favorites all at once. Standard gas grills are also available for lunch and dinner items. Chefs that want to cook an entire pig will want to use a large roasting cabinet to get the job done. All of the outdoor kitchens should have extra counter space available somewhere for a smoker used to make cedar-smoked seafood.

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