Floor Model Broilers

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An upright broiler is perfect at cooking steaks precisely and consistently every time!

Floor model deck broilers are utilized by steakhouses, restaurants, and catering companies that need to serve large numbers of guests in a short time frame. Upright broilers are commonly called steakhouse broilers because of their ability to produce deliciously cooked steaks quickly and consistently.

Upright broilers enable quick food production with incredible efficiency. By searing foods to their optimal internal temperatures, a commercial broiler will produce consistent outcomes and thoroughly cooked foods every time. Once the settings for a specific food item have been adjusted, little attention is required until the dish is done cooking, freeing up operators to handle other kitchen tasks.


These full-size broilers combine one or more broiler decks into a single cabinet, allowing vast amounts of food to be prepared at once. We offer commercial broilers that come in a range of sizes and deck quantities. Widths range from 32" to 45". Deck quantities typically come in either 4 or 5 deck units.

Heating Elements

Choose between infrared and radiant heating elements. Infrared burners have a 45–90 second preheat time and can achieve temperatures of up to 1650 °F. Rapid penetration of intense infrared energy seals in natural juices and cuts broiling times by up to 50%. Radiant burners can reach temperatures up to 1000° F in 15 minutes.

Drip Trays

Drip trays are found on most upright broilers allowing extra fats and liquids from the food to collect while it cooks. These are detachable, allowing them to be swiftly emptied when needed without slowing down the kitchen or causing a mess. It is important to regularly clear grease trays and broiler decks to reduce the risk of poor food quality, smoking, or even fires.

If you’re looking for an oven just for finishing off dishes instead of fully cooking them, check out our collection of salamander broilers and cheese melters.

Premier manufacturers like Southbend and Vulcan, ensure that these units provide optimal performance for years to come. With a wide variety of options, Burkett is sure we have the right commercial broiler for your establishment.

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