Candy Apple Cookers

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Create the tastiest treats quickly and efficiently with one of these superb candy apple cookers.

A popular snack that can increase sales at your concession stand or carnival booth is candy and caramel apples. They are inexpensive to prepare, and all you need to get started are a few essentials. We have everything you need to prepare, present, and package your clients with this nostalgic treat.

Candy apple cookers and candy apple stoves are all excellent tools for creating delicious candy apples for concession stands, fair booths, and any other food service business with candy apples on the menu. These apple cookers and stoves are designed to quickly heat up the large mixtures of caramel, allow apples to be smothered and covered with the sticky substance. When operating a candy apple cooker, be sure to stir the mixture well as it heats up to a boil. This will prevent burning and will ensure the best recipe outcome.

Careful heating is necessary when glazing apples to guarantee the right consistency and prevent runny candy from not sticking.  If you purchase premade mix, you will receive detailed instructions on how to achieve the best results; nevertheless, the composition of the candy coating will modify the requirements as well.

Gas or Electric?

Electric candy apple machines will be easier to transport and use thanks to their simple connections and no need for a gas line. These units are commonly found in concession stands, carnivals, and food trucks because of their ease of use and connection.

Gas candy apple cookers are larger models, typically standing on the floor. Because they need a gas source to run, they are less common than electric. However, the power of the gas cookers provides users with hotter temperatures quicker than electrical models. They typically also have much higher capacities.

Whether you want a gas model or an electric model, at Burkett we have a good selection of both to help you match your kitchen's capabilities.

Sizing & Capacity

Multiple sizes are available so you can make the right decision based on how much quantity you produce. Electrical models have smaller capacities thanks to their compact, countertop designs. Their capacities are measured using liquid ounces. Gas models are larger and thus provide higher capacities, some ranging as high as 15 pounds of caramel per cooking cycle.

Each individual product page should completely detail filling and producing capacities for each candy apple stove. Also be aware as to whether the product comes with a cooking kettle or if you may need to purchase one.

Be sure to look at our candy apple accessories for candy apple kettles and candy apple dippers.

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