Cotton Candy Machines

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Spin up a sweet supply of colorful and delicious fairy floss using one of these great Gold Medal cotton candy machines.

Whether you are at a carnival, the county fair, or a stadium, there is always someone craving a sweet snack. Our commercial cotton candy machines are made of stainless steel and are energy efficient and offer reliable performance. These machines are so easy to use that anyone can confidently create cotton candy treats to satisfy every excited customer.

Easy to disassemble, these machines are a breeze to clean daily so you can always have the highest quality candy around. Gold Medal is the industry’s leading concession equipment manufacturer and supplier of specialty foods, machines, and supplies.

A commercial cotton candy maker is easy to use, and these models spin quickly to keep your customer lines short. Don’t forget to complete your candy making experience with our selection of cotton candy bases. A merchandising base will securely hold your machine, while adding an authentic value to your décor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cotton Candy Machines

How long does it take to make cotton candy?

Once your machine is setup, it takes about 1 minute for units to warm up and start producing your sugary treats.

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