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Hot Dog Equipment

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Commercial Hot Dog Equipment is just the addition you need to your concession stand. With a variety of models from steamers to roller grills with different kinds of rollers, Burkett has you covered. Different non-stick rollers are also an option, along with chrome rollers as well to cook many different items. Looking for only a bun warmer box? Look no further! We have models with a bun warmer built in and a variety of sizes to meet a variety of needs.

How do I choose the best unit to cook hot dogs at my establishment?

The best way to decide this is to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of each. For example, roller grills can take on a high capacity of hot dogs but take longer to cook than a steamer. Take into consideration the volume of customers and peak times.

What should I consider before buying equipment for my store, restaurant, or stand?

Always consider the size of your establishment and how you want to serve your goods. Also you can think about the volume of hotdogs you will need over a specified time frame.

What are the major differences in hot dog grills and steamers?

Hot dog roller grills cook evenly and can hold large amounts of product but generally take about 30 minutes to cook the goods. Steamers are generally a more compact way of cooking hot dogs and can hold a decent amount of hot dogs depending on the unit. Roller grills are generally more expensive than steam models but when it comes down to it, the cooking method makes the biggest difference.

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