Hot Dog Bun Warmers

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Keep your buns warm with a quality hot dog bun warmer!

Hot dogs are an American staple at almost all concession stands, convenience stores, and even restaurants. Whether you are at the baseball game, a concert, the gas station grabbing a to-go snack, or at a casual sit-down restaurant, hot dogs are a popular and easy meal to find.

Serving hot dogs in a cooked or steamed bun is a great way to improve the presentation and flavor of this traditional cuisine.  Furthermore, buns are kept secure while being available to staff thanks to a bun warmer box.

Hot dog bun warmers do just as the name suggests, they hold and warm hot dog buns until service time. Many people will agree that a warm bun tastes better than a cold bun, especially when you're putting a fresh hot dog on top. Install bun warmers near hot dog grills or broilers to keep buns and hot dogs safely stored at concession stands and other foodservice operations.

Sizing & Capacity

Bun warmers come in various sizes to accommodate whatever production levels you may face. Most models are able to be stacked above or below your hot dog cooking equipment. Purchasing a hot dog bun warmer along with a hot dog cooker, you can put all of your necessary items together in one location to make the purchasing event easier for staff and customers. Whether you want to keep a modest 24 buns warm, or many dozens, at Burkett we have the right hot dog bun warmer for your business.

Additional Hot Dog Equipment

Pair your bun warmer with a hot dog broiler, roller grill, or steamer to expand your hot dog serving setup.

Check out hot dog merchandisers to further set yourself apart from the competition.

No hot dog is complete without your favorite condiment. Keep customers happy with condiment dispensers and other condiment & serving supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Dog Bun Warmers

How many buns can a hot dog bun warmer hold?

Bun warmers come in a variety of sizes so they can help any volume of business you may have. Our selection of hot dog bun warmers ranges from as low as 2 dozen to as much as 12 dozen buns at a single time. Purchase a unit based upon the daily production of hot dogs that your kitchen provides.

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