Pop Up Toasters

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Whether you are toasting enough bread to feed the family or a dozen customers, pop up toasters are easy to use and can produce perfectly toasted bread quickly.

Pop up toasters are a staple in nearly all kitchens. Commercial pop-up toasters work the same way residential toasters do.

Toast is often served with every breakfast meal, as well as a variety of lunch and dinner dishes. For this reason, it is important that toast be made quickly and consistently.

Pop up toasters are ideal for toast making. The adjustable browning controls on each of our pop-up toasters let your visitors select the setting that's best for them. While your breads are baking, several of these goods have crumb pans that catch any crumbs. Commercial pop-up toasters even come with a toast lift feature that allows you to remove bread safely without burning your customers' or employees' hands.

Browse our wide selection of Waring and Hatco toasters for all of your bread toasting needs.

Sizing & Capacity

Thanks to their compact size, these products won’t take up much room in your front- or back-of-house area. They can easily be moved around the kitchen or transported to other service areas.

Units are available in 2 and 4 slot configurations. For large volume toasting, check out our conveyor toaster options instead. Slot openings come in variety of sizes to help fit different sized breads like bagels and muffins. Slot widths range between 1-1/4" wide and 1-1/2".

Choosing your perfect pop-up toaster comes down to selecting your number of slots, width of slots, and toasting speed. Many models can toast all types of breads, including regular sliced bread, bagels, and English muffins. For kitchens that have low demand, we even offer the basic 2 slot toasters you typically find in a residential kitchen.

Residential Use

If you're going to use a slot toaster for residential use, be sure your household has the proper connections to ensure safety. Check with the product's specifications for required voltages.

Also be aware that commercial equipment warranties may be voided if not permitted for residential use, so be sure to double check warranty info when purchasing.

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