Waffle Makers

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Create those breakfast favorites with a high quality waffle maker!

Waffles are a favorite breakfast and dessert item in households and restaurants around the world. Any restaurant with waffles on the menu will need a quality waffle maker to handle the fast-paced demands placed on all commercial kitchens.

If your kitchen needs to produce high volumes of waffles double waffle makers are the way to go. They can produce two golden brown waffles at the same time. For those with more time or lower demand, we have a wide variety of single waffle irons.

Waffle Styles

Traditional or American waffles are either round or square in overall shape and have several small square impressions. As an alternative to the square indents, there are also round or cone-shaped patterns available. Belgian waffles are another beloved style for those that want the thicker style with large indents. There are even custom iron patterns available for those that want to add their own signature to a timeless favorite.

Waffle bakers with removable plates are available for those who want to customize their plates and add a unique look. Rotating waffle makers help ensure the batter is spread evenly and cooked to perfection. Waffle irons are great for continental breakfasts at hotels or motels because they are easy to use by anyone and easy to clean.

At Burkett, our selection of commercial waffle makers consists of some of the top brands in the market. With names like Nemco, Star, Gold Medal, and Waring, these appliances are sure to provide desired quality and last for years to come.

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When something goes wrong, you can find the replacement wires and parts to keep your waffle maker going without needing to replace the whole unit. Find the perfect waffle baker or replacement parts today from Burkett.

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