Double Strip Heaters

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Keep more foods warm while in between kitchen and customer with a double strip heater.

Whether you need to keep finished dishes warm in between the kitchen and the server, or you just need to keep some foods warm on the buffet, strip heaters are reliable and efficient pieces of equipment. Strip heaters use infrared heat via metal coils to keep whatever is below them warm. Overhead food heaters keep foods at the appropriate temperature, as well as help in retaining the right texture and flavor throughout a serving session.

Double strip heaters are great to put in the center of a table or counter where food is held or served on both sides. Heating food to the required 140 degrees, especially dense products, can take a lot of energy, so think about what you'll be heating before you buy and be sure to get the right strip warmer for your menu. Controls can be either remote or right on the heater it self.

Strip Warmer Configurations

These double strip heaters come with twice the power of a single unit, but also take up twice the space. With simple electrical connections, overhead strip heaters are easy to install and use. We have a wide array of sizes, ranging from a short 24" strip heater to a long 72" strip heater. Also there is the choice of whether you prefer to have the orange glow from the lights that is very common, or a non lighted strip heater to be more inconspicuous.

If your not sure you need a double heater, look at single strip heaters for more options. At Burkett, we’re sure to have a double strip heater for your food holding and warming needs.

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