Banquet Carts

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Hold and transport high volumes of hot meals with a banquet cart.

A banquet cart is a fantastic addition to any catering or banquet business since it is designed for simplicity of use, mobility, and long-lasting strength. Our selection of heated banquet carts can hold anywhere from 90 to 200 plated meals. These units are perfect for catering companies who serve high volumes of customers at a single time. By plating finished meals early and leaving them in a banquet cart, your kitchen staff can get a jumpstart on clean up while waiting to serve.


These banquet carts are all on casters so they can be moved through kitchens, on to trucks, and into storage spaces. Multiple grips help with safe and simple mobility.

Temperature Control

Thermostatic controls allow users to have full heating controls and change interior temperatures as required. External temperature gauges are integrated into these carts, allowing staff to easily monitor internal temperatures and guarantee that meals are kept at the perfect temperature. Many banquet cabinets have built-in humidity systems to keep food fresh while it's being transported.

With brands like Carter-Hoffmann and Metro, our selection of banquet carts is sure to satisfy any of your kitchen's needs.

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