Carving Stations

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Spotlight your chefs slicing skills with a quality carving station.

Do you want to show off those delicious cuts of meats in front of customers? At Burkett we can help you make those dreams a reality. These carving stations will put the spotlight on your chef and their juicy cuts of meat.

A carving station is the ideal complement to any catered event, buffet, or premium restaurant. Cut meats and other contents will stay warm throughout dinner service with the help of heat lamps positioned on the bases.

Heat Lamps

A meat carving station with a fixed or flexible arm is available. The heat source is prevented from being too close to the food on display by a fixed arm. The ability to move the bulb closer to or further from the base is provided by flexible arms, giving caterers more heating options.

Carving station heat lamps provide excellent visibility as well as excellent heat. Infrared lamps emit intense heat to help keep thick cuts of meat warm and ready to serve. Mounted lamps are designed on flexible stands. The adjustable light stands allow users to adjust the light to different positions for whatever cut of meat your working on.


Our selection of carving stations are ideal for sitting on buffet lines, countertops, or tabletops. Each unit comes with a strong, durable cutting board. Whether you want a wooden carving board or a high density polyethylene carving board, we've got you covered. A wide selection of sizes and board material gives you options on which carving station is best for your business.

Whether you are cutting up brisket at a barbecue buffet, or slicing steaks tableside, carving stations are a great way to stand out from the competition.

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