Drop-In Plate Dispensers

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Use a drop-in plate dispenser to keep your plates and dishes organized and easy for customers to use.

For cafeterias and dining halls you need easy and convenient ways to store and dispense clean plates. These plate dispensers drop in and fit flush in the properly cut countertops.

Ideal for buffet or serving lines, drop these units into the beginning of your counters to give customers the idea of where to start. Use a heated drop-in plate dispenser to provide guests with warmed plates.

No matter which style of plate you use, whether it be polycarbonate, compartmental, or chinaware, these units can hold any plate. These drop-in dispensers are simple in design and are constructed of stainless steel, making them easy for staff to maintain.

Plate Sizing

We offer a wide selection of configurations and capacities to help suit any size of business. Plate diameters range from 5" - 15". Be sure to check with the sizing of your commercial dishes to be sure they will fit in a drop-in unit. Check out our collection of dinnerware to fit the right plates with the right dispenser size.

Heated or Unheated

Whether you are looking for heated or unheated plate dispenser, at Burkett we have the options to meet any buffet. Coming with heating elements within them, many of these plate dispensers will warm plates while they are waiting to be used. Warming your plates is a great idea when serving hot foods. A warm plate will hold hot foods heat better than a cold plate would, extending the life of hot foods.

Drop-In Design

These dish dispensers are designed to drop directly into countertops. This type of design allows you to hide the dispensing unit itself, as it will push up plates without guests having to reach down. Equipped with a heating element, these drop in dispensers evenly heats all the plates in the unit.

Since these plate dispensers are built to drop-in to countertops or tabletops, cutout dimensions are provided in product's spec sheets. Be sure to pay attention to cutout dimensions to be sure your plate dispenser will fit snuggly wherever you wish to use it.

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