Heated Mobile Plate Dispensers

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Keep your dishware organized, heated, and mobile with one of these great heated mobile plate dispensers.

In cafeterias and dining halls, operators need easy and convenient ways to store and dispense clean plates. With heated plate dispensers you can easily provide warm plates to your customers. These mobile plate dispensers come on movable casters to allow for easy movement throughout the kitchen, bus room, and buffet lines. While keeping plates warm, these units are also excellent for keeping your dishes organized in and out of the dish area.

A self-leveling design ensures that as a plate is taken, the next below it is pushed up to the surface. This enables customers to continuously grab a hot plate without having to reach down and inside the unit.

Heating Elements

Coming equipped with heating elements within them, these plate dispensers will warm plates while they are waiting to be used. Preheating plates or dishes is common in many professional kitchens. Warm plates are preferred to cold plates because putting hot food on a warm plate will help keep that food warmer for longer than if you just use a cold plate.

Additionally for catering companies or restaurants, plating and serving hot foods on hot plates will help keep food temperatures above the "danger zone" for longer than cold or room temperature dishes. Pre-plate hot meals on hot plates and hold them in a banquet cart or meal delivery cart. Doing so will increase serving times and decrease customer's waiting.

Sizing & Capacity

We offer a wide selection of configurations and capacities to help suit any size of business. Plate diameters ranging from 5" - 15" can happily find a home in one of our great mobile heated dispensers. Be sure when purchasing a mobile plate dispensing unit, that you match up your size of dinnerware to ensure full utilization of the dispenser.

Heated plate dispensers come with multiple sections for plates. Choose from either 2, 3, or 4 sectioned models. With more sections, you can provide a higher number of plates at a single time. Grab a double sectioned unit for smaller restaurants, or look at a 4 sectioned unit for a high volume dining hall.

Whether your dinnerware is made of china, polycarbonate, or melamine, these heated dish dollies can handle them all.


Designed with movable and lockable casters, heated plate dispensers can be moved anywhere they are needed. Being mobile means these units can be taken from service area to dish area and back to service area with fresh, clean dishes. Perhaps you're looking at customizing buffet lines or countertops, check out our collection of drop-in plate dispensers for more options.

Most of these plate dispensers are constructed of stainless steel, making them easy for staff to clean after each use. Kitchen staff can spray off the exterior with hot water, while watching not to directly spray the electrical connection. The interior can be easily wiped out.

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