Drop-In Tray Dispensers

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Keep food trays organized and easy to access at the beginning of food lines with a drop-in tray dispenser.

Food trays are essential for helping your customers carry multiple items comfortably. These tray dispensers come in open frame drop-in designs. This design saves you valuable space by allowing you to dispense right from your countertop. Since these units can be fitted into countertops, the exposed sides can be hidden from view.

Built out of stainless steel, these tray dispensers are sturdy and will last for years to come. Whether you use a single or double platform, these units are reliable for low to high-volume restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice businesses.

Match one of these tray dispensers with a drop-in plate dispenser to complete a clean look throughout your establishment. We also offer a mobile tray dispenser if the drop-in design does not work for you.


Tray dimensions are specified on each products individual page, as well as the spec sheet or owner's manual. Tray sizes range from 11" x 15" up to as big as 18" x 26". Tray dispensers are rated by their maximum weight capacity. Most commonly able to hold between 300 and 800 pounds at a single time.

Dispensers can come in either single or double platform designs. For high-volume buffets or cafeterias, choose a double platform to increase tray capacity and lower staff involvement.

Be sure to hookup your establishment with the proper food service trays to fully utilize tray dispensers.

Drop-In Design

Countertop or tabletop cutout dimensions are provided in each units spec sheet. This will help you make your tray dispensers fit flush wherever they are placed. Coming in a variety of sizes, there is sure to be a drop-in dispenser to fit your food trays size. Choosing a drop-in tray dispenser is perfect for buffets, restaurants, or dining halls that want a reliable unit, but also want to keep dispensers hidden.

Cutout dimensions are specified on each products individual page, as well as the spec sheet or owner's manual.

Self Leveling Feature

Our drop-in tray dispensers use automatic self-leveling tray platforms to constantly keep trays available to easily grab for customers. This feature will evenly push up the next tray. The self-leveling platform can be adjusted, making it simple to use and guaranteeing that your trays are always held at the same height.

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