Drop-In Food Warming Shelves

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Drop-in heating shelves can help you create the best-looking buffet or serving lines in town!

Recessed food shelf warmers are perfect for buffet lines. They are especially great for pizza buffets since food warming shelves can hold several different pies at once to give your customers many options.

Shelf Sizing

Cutout dimensions for each model are highlighted on individual pages, as well as the units spec sheet. With sizes ranging from 15" wide to 72" wide, we are sure you will find the right size drop-in heating shelf for you. We offer both drop-in and built-in models depending on if you need a table as well or are just looking to add a heated top to a table or counter you already have.

Counter Finishes

These drop-in heating shelves come in different top finishes, each with their own features.

  • Metal - Typically constructed of stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel are very durable and inexpensive, however, aluminum provides better heat distribution.
  • Stone - Typically made of granite. They are stain and scratch resistant. Stone tops blend in better with fine dining décor or establishments. Some stone models have multiple designs for further customization.

Temperature Control

Heated holding shelves come in remote or infinite controls to allow for optimal temperature adjustment. Infinite controls allow users for a more precise temperature control than just high/medium/low settings typically found in manual controls.

If you just want to add an extra heating surface to your serving line, there are also countertop food warming shelves available.

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