Food Holding Parts and Accessories

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Find all the correct food holding parts and accessories to keep your warming equipment in top shape for years to come!

Here you will find all the replacement parts and extra accessories for a multitude of food holding and warming equipment. From accessories for food pan carriers or heated merchandisers, to replacement controllers for heat lamps and strip warmers, we have the extras to keep your equipment going for longer.

Your restaurant's ability to prepare meals efficiently could well be jeopardized if its holding and warming equipment breaks down. You can maintain your food prep area operating efficiently by ensuring all of your holding and warming equipment has replacement components. Avoid letting faulty warmers or holding equipment in your commercial kitchen disrupt customer orders.

Whether you are replacing a door for your heated food carrier or the shelving system in your pretzel merchandiser, this is the section to keep your equipment running smoothly.

For those buffets and cafeterias, we have a good selection of over shelves, tray slides, and sneeze guards to keep your food lines running smoothly and efficiently. Buffet over-shelves keep your prep area organized and clutter free.

Sneeze guards and shields act as a barrier between people and food, preventing infectious germs from spreading to other surfaces or persons. With our plastic sneeze guards, you can promote safe and sanitary practices at your establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food Holding & Warming Parts & Accessories

When should I purchase parts & accessories?

There are numerous components and accessories available to repair or replace your food warming equipment when something goes wrong. However, waiting until something goes wrong can be detrimental.  In order to ensure that you are ready for the worst and can escape a disaster, you might want to keep a few essential replacement components on hand. It is totally up to you and the type of equipment you have which parts you decide to have on hand.

Can I purchase parts & accessories from different brands?

It is advised to buy parts and accessories from the same brand that are created for your specific unit because typically each manufacturer has distinct specifications and may utilize different components. It is preferable to avoid mixing brands unless the part is clearly specified as compatible with your unit. Some specific parts might be compatible with other brands.