Food Carrier Accessories

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Find anything you may need to help you successfully transport hot or cold items with these food carrier accessories.

Once you've loaded up your insulated food carriers, you will need something to easily move them so your kitchen staff does not have to awkwardly carry or push food carriers to their next location. Luckily we offer food carrier dollies that can effectively hold and carry multiple front-loading food carriers and top-loading food carriers at once. Simply stack your food carriers on the dolly and you can easily move them anywhere thanks to the movable and lockable casters.

If your heated doors on your Cambro food pan carrier carts ever go out or start to cause problems, we have a nice selection of replacement doors guaranteed to fit and keep your food carrier useful. These replacement doors are essential for heated carriers that aren't just holding temperatures but continuing to heat food items as you travel.

In order to keep hot and cold foods divided or just different temperatured items separate but within the same food carrier, we offer many Thermobarrier shelf dividers. These dividers will successfully keep your items separate, cutting down on mess and contamination while moving. They can also help keep temperatures controlled within the divided areas.

Thermal pellets are excellent for keeping plates stable and insulated while transporting food using a food carrier. These Cambro pellets will hold your plates securely while keeping them hot. The material provides a heat resistant bottom that will be easy for customers or patients to grab.