Sneeze Guards

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Using sneeze guards is important for keeping foods safe and free from contaminants.

In today's world, having sneeze guards in place brings customers a level of satisfaction and trust that may usually take more work to gain. The use of sneeze guards has always been and will continue to be necessary for any buffet style serving your catering company or restaurant may possess. Most of the shields themselves are made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate, meaning they can last for years and will be easy for kitchen staff to keep clean.

Sneeze shields can help you keep food fresher for longer while being servable for customers. At Burkett, we offer sneeze protection guards for any application you will need them for. We have free standing, mobile cart mounted, buffet mounted, and tabletop sneeze guards to give you the ultimate variety and cover any and all serving lines. They also come in a variety of styles from 3-sided hinged buffet shields to fully enclosed bases to 3-section sneeze guard shelving systems.

Help your customers feel better around open-air foods thanks to one of our great sneeze guard options. Make your restaurant, dining hall, concession stand, and buffet safe and clean for your customers with one of these excellent sneeze guard shields.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sneeze Guards

What is a Sneeze Guard?

Coughing, sneezing, and even just breathing can cause germs to be sprayed into the air. Sneeze guards are designed to capture any of these fluids and germs and prevent contamination of foods.

Are Sneeze Guards Required?

Most buffets are required by health code regulations to have a sneeze guard of some sort protecting their food from dozens or hundreds of customers. Because health codes vary significantly from location to location, we can't say for certain whether your local health department requires sneeze guards for restaurants, but we can say they're a good idea regardless. Customers hesitate to eat at buffets that seem insufficiently protected, especially in times when disease is at the forefront of their minds.