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Food Transportation Systems

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There are many types of specialized equipment and carriers for storing and transporting food during a catering operation. Banquet carts, meal delivery carts, and merchandiser carts help keep your food hot and also keep it safe.

As you shop for catering storage and transport supplies, consider the type of food you will be catering. There are special carriers designed for transporting both hot and cold food. Small carts are also available for transporting ice, for display and cooling or for beverages. Portable carts are available for handwashing and bar service.

Consider purchasing plastic hotel pans to put in your food carriers, so you can see the food product inside. The carriers and caddies are especially useful for offsite catering, but even onsite caterers can benefit from having insulated or heated transport equipment. No matter what kind of operation you run, you will need catering transport supplies to please your clients.

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