Chocolate Melters

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With our chocolate melters, you can eliminate the time and talent involved in melting and tempering chocolate.

Quickly and effectively melt down chocolate to the perfect consistency with ease! Chocolate melters provide a gentle heat that melts delicate chocolate for dessert toppings, dipping, and candy making without burning the chocolate. Melt chocolate to a consistent finish perfect for dipping bananas, cookies, and any other treat you can think of.

You can melt chocolate perfectly using a chocolate melter rather than waiting around for it to melt using a bain-marie heater or running the risk of burning product in a commercial microwave. Use tempered chocolate for truffles and candy bars, or drizzle it over desserts and fruits.


Being small countertop units, chocolate melters can be easily used and put away without taking up valuable kitchen space. Since they only require simple electrical connections, these units are easy to transport. For concession stands, catering events, and even food trucks, commercial melters can be used anywhere.


These units come with water-resistant touch screen controls to give you easy access and operation. Handling melted chocolate can be messy, so the touch screen controls and digital LCD display is covered to ensure longevity.

Temperature Control

Temperatures can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit. A temperature probe is included with each product. The probe ensures the most accurate temperature reading. Gentle heating means no hot spots. With temperature control between 68°F - 140°F, you can be assured this appliance will melt your chocolates to the perfect consistency.

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