Nacho Cheese & Chili Dispensers

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Easily and cleanly provide hot condiments with nacho cheese and chili dispensers.

Whether you are serving hot dogs, nachos, soft pretzels, or French fries, all of these products are typically enjoyed with sides or toppings. Save your employee's time and hassle by getting rid of the scoop and replacing it with nacho cheese pump dispensers. Or allow your customers to have the fun of dispensing their own chili or cheese at your condiment station.

Whether you run a concession stand or not, pump dispensers save time and money as well as clean up. These dispensers produce perfectly portioned sides every time to ensure the best quality.

These nacho chees and chili dispensers give your customers the options they desire. Nachos are not complete without a cheese, chili, or salsa side. If your serving chili dogs, it may be easier for you to just push a button as opposed to ladling out some chili, adding to the chance of making a mess.

Combine the powers of these dispensers with your nacho chip merchandiser or chip warmer, to complete your nacho serving capabilities. Or maybe a pretzel merchandiser for serving delicious soft pretzels.

Quantity & Capacity

These dispensers are available in single or double designs. A single dispenser will be more compact than a double dispenser. However, the double design allows operators to use both nacho cheese and chili. These double units are great for establishments that offer multiple food items associated with the two condiments.

These dispenser typically hold 6 pound bagged packages. Double units will hold twice as much as single units, requiring staff to check on how much product is left less often.

At Burkett, we offer both single and double pump dispensers for those looking to either run both chili and cheese, or double up on either to decrease reload time.

Decrease Messes

Cheese and chili dispensers help cut down on mess in the kitchen and at condiment stations. With drip trays directly underneath the pouring spouts, excess condiments can be caught and stopped from landing on floors, counters, or customers. Either hold the button to the desired amount or use the portion control mode to provide the same exact amount each use.

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