Syrup Warmers

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What are pancakes or waffles without syrup? Find the perfect commercial syrup warmer to satisfy your customers.

A syrup warmer dispenser is an excellent addition to any restaurant, cafe, hotel, or dining hall. These items not only allow you to store large quantities of syrup at ideal temperatures, but they also make it simple for your guests to get their beloved breakfast topping. A syrup warmer dispenser is a crucial piece of equipment for your establishment, whether you provide pancakes, waffles, or french toast.

For those breakfast serving establishments, one must-have condiment is maple syrup. Maple syrup can make a real sticky mess if not made easy for customers to pour over their meals. That's where these syrup dispensers come in handy. These units make pouring syrup easy and clean for customers and staff alike.

Heating Elements

Not only can these units dispense sticky syrup safely, but adjustable thermostats give you a way to heat and hold syrup to a warm temperature. We have syrup warmers available in either switch or thermostatic controls. Putting warm maple syrup on your fresh, hot waffles or pancakes, can only make them more delicious!


Syrup warmer dispensers come in convenient sizes that can fit on any countertop without taking up much room. Our selection of syrup dispensers range between 1 gallon and 3 gallon tank capacities. You can easily pick out a syrup dispenser depending on the volume of syrup you may use on a daily basis.


Cleaning up sticky syrup is no fun for anyone. Luckily these units are designed to make clean up easy. With sturdy, durable stainless steel construction, these syrup dispensers will be easy to clean for staff. Your crew and customers will be pleased with the easy access to the warm and gooey goodness that these dispensers provide.

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