Heated Merchandisers

Heated merchandisers allow you to display your popcorn, pretzels, and pizza to attract customer attention and appeal to appetites while keeping food at optimal temperatures. These are perfect for convenience stores and concession stands.

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What can I use one of these for?

Use a heated merchandiser to keep prepared items warm and ready to serve, and also in plain view inside an attractive display that makes an appealing presentation to customers. Entice potential buyers with foods that look appetizing, and are perfectly warm when served.

What types are there?

There are many ways to warm and display all kinds of foods. Heated merchandisers provide attractive presentation and effective warming for a wide variety of items, from pizzas to pretzels, countertop warmers present your items to customers and encourage sales. Heated cabinets and shelf units can be used to keep almost anything warm and great for serving to customers. Available in many different lengths, and design features such as rotating interior shelves or racks, there is sure to be a merchandiser that is perfect for your food items.