Nacho Chip Merchandisers

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Keep your chips and cheese hot and fresh with a nacho chip merchandiser!

When serving nachos, you always want to be sure your serving fresh chips and hot cheese. The disappointment of cold chips and cheese could stay with a customer forever. Therefore, having a nacho chip merchandiser is only a bonus in the nacho serving business. To keep your queso cheese hot and creamy, we offer multiple types of nacho cheese warmers and display cases.

If your concession stand has heavy traffic, then it would be best to invest in a nacho chip merchandiser. Buy your chips in bulk and keep them warm and fresh in one of these secure heated chip cabinets. Just use a scoop to fill up nacho trays and garnish with cheese and peppers. Check out our collection of chip warmers to add more space for product.

If you have a smaller establishment, consider purchasing pre-packaged chips and cheese. They can be stored in one of these heated chip merchandisers to keep the chips from becoming stale and cheese from becoming clumpy and hard to pour.

Appealing Design

An attractive nacho chip display case can not only improve chip quality, but it can also draw the attention of a crowd. With interior lighting and exterior promotion, your nachos will sell themselves. The clear glass panels, interior illumination, and attention-grabbing graphics of these warmers will assist increase impulsive purchases at your cinema, stadium, amusement park, or carnival. Additionally, each unit features a simple-open door that your employees can use to access and serve your product.

Be sure to check out our great selection of nacho cheese dispensers as well to make your nacho chip setup the best it can be!

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