Popcorn Carts and Wagons

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Add some flair to your popcorn equipment with one of these attractive popcorn carts, stands, and wagons.

Draw in unexpected sales with the sights, sounds, and aromas of your freshly popped, warm, and buttery popcorn. These popcorn stands vibrant colors and design selections are likely to go well with the theme of your event. Utilize a popcorn cart to serve classic popcorn, kettle corn, or caramel corn. You can also use one of these appealing displays as a stand to offer additional foods like peanuts and cotton candy.

Most popcorn equipment is compact, designed for countertop installation or on a mobile cart. These fun carts and wagons add a secure way to hold and show off your popcorn machine. For occasions where there isn't enough counter space or prep room available, your popcorn cart is also a practical choice. You can pop kernels whenever and wherever you need to with the help of the popcorn machine cart, which will safely and securely hold its appropriate popper.

There are heated and illuminated merchandisers you can employ to present your freshly popped treat to your consumers while keeping it attractive and available for purchase. A mobile display cart is perfect for locations including sporting events, festivals, and fairs.

Most models of popcorn machines that we offer will fit snugly in or atop one of these bases. Shop our collection of 10oz and under popcorn machinesand 12oz+ popcorn machines to ensure the proper base match.

Storage Space

Most popcorn carts and wagons come equipped with storage. Bases can come with a storage cabinet which is great for holding scoops, oils, and kernels in one location. They can also house sales products like popcorn bags or boxes.

Larger wagons will provide more interior storage space, but also more top space. The large popcorn stands will allow space for a full-size popcorn machine, but also some space next to the machine for packaged corn or a sales register.

Check out popcorn warmers for additional storage when popping in high production events.


Some models come on wagon stands with movable wheels. These popcorn wagon carts are a fun and nostalgic way to attract customers. Not only are these wheels built to provide that extra bit of flair, but they are also practical in use. Popcorn wagons can make poppers and accessories mobile, creating more area to create sales. All you need is the appropriate electrical connection to keep the popping rolling. Some models even come with canopies, so you don't have to worry when you see a rain cloud heading your way.

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Available in different sizes, colors, and styles, these popcorn wagons and carts can add to your customer's popcorn experience.

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