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Popcorn Equipment

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Popcorn is a staple for concession stands, convenience stores, and even residential home theaters. From poppers to flavoring, Burkett Restaurant Equipment offers everything you need to serve up fresh popped corn to your patrons.

What’s the best way to choose a popcorn machine?

We have our popcorn machines categorized by kettle size. To determine what size is right for you, the output of popcorn you plan to produce is crucial. One ounce of kernels makes about two and a half cups of popcorn, a conversion that will aid in the search for the right machine. In general, four to ten ounces is great for applications with smaller volumes like small movie nights or convenience stores. Eight to sixteen ounce kettles are suggested for busy concession stands and movie theaters.

Is the kettle removable?

The kettle is removable in most machines. This makes it replaceable and fairly easy to clean, further extending the life of your unit.

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