Popcorn Warmers

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Keep your packaged or loose popcorn warm while waiting for sale with one of these heated popcorn warmers.

Commercial popcorn warmers are designed to hold loose corn or packaged popcorn at the ideal warmth until sale. Sell your freshly popped, already-cooked popcorn using a popcorn warmer! Each popcorn display cabinet has a built-in warming deck to maintain the temperature of the contents for long periods of time. You can satisfy long lines quicker by pre-popping before you open and holding fresh popcorn in one of these units. These units are excellent for high popcorn production facilities.

Popcorn staging cabinets put your popcorn on perfect display for your patrons. These units feature a forced air corn freshener system for keeping your popcorn fresh and crisp while releasing humidity and heat. Popcorn merchandisers come with multiple adjustable racks for holding several sized servings. Illuminated signage and interior help attract customers and keep them coming back.

Movie theaters, stadiums, and carnivals are great places to have a popcorn warmer. With such high demand constantly of fresh popcorn, having the extra holding space is a life saver.


Our selection of popcorn warmers comes in a variety of sizes to give you multiple options for how much popcorn you want to warm. Most units are designed compact and able to sit on any countertop. Widths range between 12" and 36".

These machines do not have kettles; thus, they do not popcorn. They provide extra space to move your cooked popcorn for storage, display, or packaging. This allows your popcorn maker to continually produce without the threat of overflowing the cabinet.

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