Heated Shelves

Ideal for buffet lines or presentation foods, heated shelves are normally electrically powered stone or stainless steel topped units that keep foods hot through heat conduction. Great because they can be portable, heated shelves are available in round and rectangular shapes, and can come in portable, drop in, built in and standalone models.

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Is it temperature controlled?

Most heated shelves are temperature controlled. Units should feature a control dial, offering complete control over the shelf’s surface. Some of the shelves can get as hot as 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can it be used as a cold shelf if not plugged in?

Unless otherwise stated, heated shelves cannot be used as a cold shelf. The temperature controls will only hold the temperatures mentioned in the specification sheet. They can’t be set below the given range.

Can you cook things on it like a flat top griddle?

No. Heated shelves are designed as merchandising equipment to keep cooked food at optimal serving temperatures. Although it has a dial to keep the temperature controlled, it should not be used as a cooking tool. These units have a heating system meant to distribute heat evenly to keep foods fresh and ready to serve for extended periods of time.