Heated Holding Cabinets

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Make storing and transporting hot foods easy with a heated holding cabinet.

There are heated cabinets that come equipped with casters and models that do not. Those that come on casters are going to be easier to move and ideal for moving into storage when the cabinet is not in use. Metal holding cabinets can come with either your typical shelves that can hold while also showing themselves and making seeing what is inside easier for kitchen staff.

Many of these metal cabinets are designed to keep food warm without removing moisture, so that foods will stay perfectly cooked until service. Mobile heated cabinets are great for catering companies, dining halls, restaurants, and any other foodservice business that needs a way to keep foods warm in between the chef and customer. With such a wide variety of heated cabinets, we are sure that you can find the ideal unit your business has been looking for.

Heated Cabinet Sizing

We offer metal heating and holding cabinets in a variety of sizes to accommodate venues of different volumes. No matter what size heated cabinet you may need, at Burkett we have a wide selection ranging from single section heated cabinets up to triple section heated cabinets. Units are available in as low as single door models all the way up to six door models.

Heated Cabinet Shelving

Heated holding cabinets can come with either normal flat shelving, sliding shelving, or use a pass-thru design.

  • Flat shelving ensures that pans or foods will sit flat to avoid spillage and be easy to grab for kitchen staff. There are also heated cabinets with sliding shelving, this allows chefs to slide pans and sheet trays in and out with ease.
  • Sliding shelves give you more space for storage, however, they make seeing the contents on pans harder.
  • There are even pass-through heated cabinets. These allow chefs to put cooked foods and meals in the metal cabinet and servers to grab them from the other side. This is great to cut down on kitchen traffic and keeps servers out of chefs cooking space.

Heated Cabinet Doors

Clear doors, glass doors, and hinged glass doors will allow users to easily see inside cabinets without the need of opening them and letting out heat. Solid doors are also available.

Although these cabinets do not cook foods, we have a great selection of cook and hold ovens and oven proofer combos. These units also do not proof breads or pastries, however, we do offer a variety of both just proofing cabinets and combination proofing and holding cabinets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Heated Food Holding Cabinets

When do you need a heated holding cabinet?

Hot holding cabinets are ideal for storing cooked foods in between the oven and the consumer. These cabinets are designed to hold multitudes of hot food pans continually heating them in order to keep them north of the temperature "danger zone." These units also make transporting or storing hot goods easy.

Catering companies are usually the main application heated holding cabinets are used for. However, there are many other businesses who can benefit from hot holding units. Pizzerias, cafeterias, and bakeries are just a few examples.

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