Hot & Cold Buffet Stations

Serve cold and hot foods anywhere with the help of a hot and cold buffet station.

Hot and cold buffet stations allow operators to serve different food types in a compact space. They are the perfect replacements for kitchens lacking a steam table and a cold food station. This equipment allows you to serve hot and cold foods within the same footprint and using just a single power source.

Hot and cold serving counters are ideal in cafeterias, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and other food serving locations. Hot and cold buffets have insulation between the different wells to keep heat out of the cold wells.

While most food holding units specify either hot operation or cold operation, these wonderful units combine the powers of both! As a result, you can offer a broader variety of meals at your buffet service without having to make additional equipment purchases. Since many of these hot and cold buffets are portable, operators can place them wherever the buffet line will benefit from them most.

Buffet Station Sizing

Hot and cold serving counters come in a variety of widths to match any kitchen's space needs. Our collection of buffet stations range from 36" wide to 96" wide. Mobility allows these units to fit in multiple locations when in use and when in storage.

Pan capacities are larger with increasing width sizes. Units capacities are specified on product pages. Full size hotel pans are the general commercial pan used to determine capacity. These units range from a single pan capacity upwards of four to six full size food pans.

This versatility ensures you can find the unit with the right configuration for the volume of food you will be serving.

Buffet Station Bases

Bases can be fully enclosed or enclosed with storage space. Units with storage underneath are great for keeping utensils, dishware, and cleaning products close. The heated unit is contained and will not heat or melt any products within the storage space.

Buffet Station Finishes

Top finishes are available in either aluminum or stainless steel. Base finishes are available in either fiberglass or stainless steel.

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