Dual Temp Food Wells

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Maximize your commercial kitchens serving capabilities with a versatile hot & cold food well.

Hot and cold wells provide the ultimate flexibility and versatility a food well can, incorporating both a refrigerated well and heated well into one unit to hold pre-chilled and hot foods at their optimum serving temperatures.

For those cafeterias or dining halls that run buffet-style serving lines, we have a wide selection of hot and cold wells to maximize your commercial kitchens serving capabilities. These wells allow you to run either heated elements to keep foods warm, or they can use a refrigerant or ice to keep chilled foods at their proper cool serving temperatures.

Food Well Design

Hot and cold wells are available in drop-in designs. The drop-in models are built to fit flush into most counters and tables within the kitchen. Since these units are electrical, all you need is the proper electrical connection.

Sizes & Capacities

Hot and cold wells come in a wide array of sizes to help you find the best match for however much counter space or kitchen space you are looking to fill. Widths of these wells range from 20" to 82". Depth sizes range from 21" to 30". Deeper depths will allow you to use deeper pans and put out higher volumes of foods at once.

Pan capacities range from single pan units up to six pan units. Pan configurations vary by model. Configurations consist of rectangular pans, square pans, and even round wells for soups or sauces. Check out our collection of commercial food pans to ensure the best operation.


Bases of drop-in hot/cold wells are typically built of stainless steel, while the mobile stations are usually have fiberglass finishes. Exterior finishes are available in corrosion resistant steel and galvanized steel.

With so many different options of sizes, configurations, and installation types, we are sure you can find the right hot and cold food serving well or station to make your business succeed.

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