Ice Buffet Stations

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Iced buffet stations can help you provide ice cold items to customers in an efficient and mobile way.

These ice stations will keep anything from salads to desserts to drinks, cold and at their ideal serving temperature. These iced buffet serving stations are designed to hold ice to keep food pans, plates, and packaged items cooler for longer. You can place food pans directly on the ice or nestle packaged products down into the ice.

Ice-cooled serving tables are ideal for cold buffets at a cafeteria or restaurant that hold fresh produce, yogurt, salad toppings, or deli meats. All of these food tables have useful sneeze barriers that keep your food safe from airborne pathogens while letting guests see it readily.


Ice buffet stations range between 46" and 60" in width. Coming attached with casters, these units can be easily moved around dining rooms, cafeterias, or restaurants. The mobility is also helpful when your serving counter is not in use. It can be easily moved on and off trucks or into storage.

Pan capacities are dependent on the size of the unit. Larger units will provide more space for more or even larger food pans. Check out our collection of commercial food pans to ensure you have the right equipment for the job.

Drain Connections

Drain holes are conveniently placed in each well. Fixed drains allow staff to quickly drain ice or water from the buffet station with ease. This expedites the cleaning process, as well as reloading the ice bins after ice has completely melted. Be sure to drain melted ice out of wells before reloading them with more ice. Doing so will ensure no overflows.

Buffet Station Bases

Most units have an entirely enclosed base to protect the cooling units. Other models provide the user with an opened base, allowing you to store serving utensils, cleaning utensils, and extra dry toppings or foods. This is very convenient for kitchen staff as they will do less running for product or utensils.

Base Finishes

While top finishes are typically stainless steel, the bases of these iced serving counters offer more options. Bases are made of covered steel, featuring the following finishes:

  • Black Vinyl
  • Granite Vinyl
  • Wood Vinyl
All of these bases have clean finishes, making them perfect for front-of-house use.

For additional iced buffet serving lines, check out drop-in iced food wells. No matter what volume of iced products you serve, at Burkett we have a great selection of different sizes, pan configurations, and capacities for you to choose from.

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