Drop-In Hot Food Wells

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Keep those hot foods hot while waiting to be served with one of these high quality drop-in hot food wells.

Hot food wells are perfect for any buffet-style restaurant, cafeteria, or dining hall. These rectangular hot food wells will drop-in flush to your counters or tables. These wells will hold multiple hot food pans while continuing to warm the pans keeping the finished foods at appropriate serving temperatures.

Most of these hot food wells operate either wet or dry for convenience, while others may be specifically wet or dry only. Not only are these units great for buffets, but they are also good in the back-of-house for keeping food items warm until further use or service.

A drop-in hot food well is designed to be integrated into your existing counter or other work or serving surface. It is simple to access your food pans since the rim of the food well is flush with the top of your counter.

Sizing & Pan Capacity

Among the various features to think about when making a purchase, knowing the variety of foods you want to serve and the demand of food volumes required to satisfy customers is critical. Hot food wells come in a variety of sizes ranging from 7" to 96".

Well configurations also come in a wide variety to provide you with the most options of how many and what size pans you wish to use. Pan sizes and capacities range from single half size pans to 6 full size 12" x 20" pans. Check out Burkett's great collection of commercial food pans to ensure you have the right equipment.

Temperature Controls

Controls for these rectangle hot food wells come in either thermostatic or infinite. Separate controls for each well, will allow you to customize the holding temperature per well. This gives your kitchen the ability to serve multiple different items at once without worry of drying out or overcooking any items.

Drain Connections

Drain connections help speed up cleaning when the time comes. Draining out moisture, spills, or other liquids will help kitchen staff keep units in ideal serving conditions.

Exterior Finishes

With multiple exterior finishes, you can pick the material that fits with the flow of your commercial kitchen. These steel cold wells are stylish, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Cold wells are available in the following exterior finishes:

  • Aluminized Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel

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