Salad Bars

Keep your salad bars cool and easy to access for guests with one of these great tabletop salad bars!

Table top salad bars are excellent for buffet-style restaurants, dining halls, pizzerias, healthcare facilities, and catering companies. These units can be placed atop any table, counter, or serving surface, for customers to easily build their own salad.

When not filled with foods or ice, these salad bars can be easily moved by kitchen staff. These tabletop salad bars not only allow you to offer an all-you-can-eat salad option on your menu, but they also eliminate the need for bespoke salad preparation. All your wait staff has to do is keep an eye on the salad bar crocks and refill them as needed.

Salad Bar Sizing & Capacity

These commercial salad bars range in size from 48" to 73". The capacity of pans will be dependent upon the total width. Smaller units will comfortably fit 3 full size food pans, while larger units can hold 4 or 5 full size food pans. Using smaller sized pans will allow you to add more options to buffets. Use small individual food pans for salad toppings, croutons, and dressings.

For even larger salad serving systems, check out our collection of cold buffet stations and iced buffet stations.

Salad Bar Insulation

Each of these portable salad bars is also equipped with strong insulation to keep ice from melting, prolonging the cold. This means you can store anything from lettuce, veggies, salad dressings, and toppings to coleslaw, condiments, puddings, and desserts on these tabletop bars.

Salad Bar Colors

Insulated cold salad bars are available in red, blue, black, and green, among others. Match your portable salad bar with your brand or restaurant's décor. With many different color options, you should be able to find the right salad bar to make your business more successful!

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