Utility Buffet Stations

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Show off and provide easy self-service for customers with a versatile utility station.

Utility is defined as the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial, and that's exactly what these serving stations provide! Utility stations are a great way to display food that does not need to be heated or cooled.

These stations are perfect for restaurants or catering companies looking to provide good space for self-serve items. Utility stations are commonly used for holding condiments, plated desserts, coffee supplies, dry goods, and many other options.

Flat top serving counters allow you to place plated meals out for customers to easily pick up. Tray slides take the strain off customers hands and arms. They allow trays to be put down while customers grab plates to load up.

Delfield and Vollrath provide high quality serving counters that are great for any establishment.

Utility Station Bases

Most utility stations have enclosed bases that provide space for storage. These models give you one to two shelves to place utensils, cookware, dishware, or cleaning utensils conveniently right under the serving station. Other models have completely enclosed bases.


Place these utility serving counters anywhere to increase impulse sales or relieve long buffet lines. These portable serving stations come atop movable casters allowing them to be easily moved. They can be of great use in dining halls, catering events, healthcare facilities, and restaurants.

Sneeze Guards

Some models come with attached sneeze guards to provide protection from contaminants. Sneeze guards give customers a sense of ease, knowing their foods are clear from chance of contamination.

Proudly show off and allow for self-service with one of these excellent utility buffet systems! With so many options in sizes, configurations, and colors, we are sure that you can find the right utility buffet station for your business.

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