Hot & Cold Food Wells

Hot & Cold Food Wells are normally drop-in or built-in models that are designed to stay at the back of the house as a steam table replacement or at the front end as a buffet warmer or chiller. Offered in 1 to 6 well designs, our hot & cold food wells are great for any food service operation where food needs to be kept hot in a single place, either to be served or stored until served.

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Is there a unit that is both hot and cold at the same time?

We have units that can function as both a hot and a cold food well, but none that can function at differing temperatures simultaneously.

Is it temperature controlled?

Yes, all units (with the exception of Iced Food Wells) are temperature controlled. Hot Food Wells feature thermostatic or infinite controls having separate controls for each well. Some cold food wells also have thermostatic controls for each well while others have their interior temperature factory set. 

Do I need to put water/ice in the bottom of it?

Generally speaking, filling the water pan is required for hot temperatures. Depending on the unit, ice can be allowed for colder temperatures.  Check product’s spec sheet and owner manual to confirm proper operation.