Proofing Cabinets

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Bake fresh breads consistently and with ease thanks to commercial proofing cabinets.

Proofing cabinets are crucial for bakeries, delis, and other establishments who want to bake their own breads. For proper and effective dough rising, proofing cabinets are built with temperature and humidity controls. Because of this, the final outcomes of your bread, pizza crusts, and other pastry and dough-based goods will come out more consistent. In your busy bakery, sandwich shop, pizzeria, or fine dining restaurant, rolls, pizza dough, and other baked goods are constantly needed. 

What is a proofing cabinet?

A heated cabinet known as a commercial proofer can hold dough and preserve it at a particular temperature and humidity level, providing the ideal conditions for dough to rise. Even while an insulated proofing cabinet will probably cost more, it will prevent the exterior from getting too hot for kitchen staff to handle.


Proofing cabinets are available in various sizes to meet your space and application requirements. The easiest way to decide what size cabinet you need, is to understand the volume of dough and breads you'll need for your service. Cabinets typically measure 5 to 6 feet tall and 25, 26 or 30 inches wide. These units offer varying pan capacities, depending on the volume of product the operator will proof inside.

Dough proofers can hold between 8 and 36 full size sheet trays. Half sized units hold less than full size units, however, because of the compact size, half size proofing cabinets are easier to store by taking up less space.

Some types also come with a holding cabinet that is linked with the proofing unit. These holding and proofing cabinets can be used for more applications than just proofing breads. There are also oven proofer combo units. These units include a baking oven within.

Frequently Asked Questions about Proofing Cabinets

What is a proofing cabinet used for?

The final step in preparing dough for baking, known as proofing, involves letting the dough rise as a result of yeast fermentation. A commercial proofer cabinet will enable you to select the ideal temperature and humidity levels to produce consistent, repeatable outcomes because dough rises best in warm, humid surroundings. Proofers are used while making bagels, rolls, buns, pizza crusts, pastries, and many other dough related food items.

How hot do proofing cabinets get?

Yeast cells die at 140° Fahrenheit and grow significantly less at temperatures under 68° Fahrenheit. A commercial dough proofer or bread proofing cabinet will normally allow you to regulate the temperature from 70° to 115° Fahrenheit.

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