Food Processors

Food processors can ease the workload of just about any application. From salsa and hummus and other dips, to grated cheese and diced onions, a food processor is capable of helping any chef in preparing dishes with ease. Speed can be the deciding factor in whether a customer returns to your establishment, so why waste precious time cutting, dicing, slicing, grating and chopping when you can simply throw ingredients into your food processor? At Burkett Restaurant Equipment, we sell the highest quality in food preparation equipment, and we offer a large variety of food processors to cater to your restaurant's needs.

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What are other practical uses for these units, beside blending and mixing?

Food processors can perform an array of functions, including chopping, pureeing, slicing, and more! There are many different discs attachments available to fit a number of preparation techniques. Once you find your desired product, check the spec sheet to see what discs are compatible.

What type of ice do you recommend with it?

Although these units are very versatile when it comes to functionality, using ice is not recommended. Since this is designed for food prep, there shouldn’t be a need to put ice in it. If your needs includes ice (for a smoothie or something similar), check out our selection of blenders.

Are the containers for other units interchangeable?

The permitted container for each unit varies, depending on model and vendor. Check the product’s spec sheet and/or with the particular vendor to see which container is best for your desired food processor.